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Simpla Workflows helps organizations translate their project management workflows into digital tools. Experts in tools like Trello, Asana, Airtable, and Unito, we provide solutions to supercharge your workflow, simplify your work, and cut down on manual processes.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

You know you need an app to manage work, but you don't know where to start

You're looking for a new system to help manage work, but you need a bit of guidance choosing the right software and designing your workflow.

No time to setup your tool to its full potential

You're already using a tool like Trello to manage work, but feel you've only just scratched the surface and just don't have the time or expertise to customize it for your company.

You feel overwhelmed and things keep slipping through the cracks

You and your team feel spread out over too many tools, apps and boards, so it's difficult to focus and it's easy to miss important work.

It's hard to find the information you need

You need an overview of different tasks/projects, but information is scattered over different tools, emails, and bits of paper.

A lot of the work you're doing feels very manual

Information is spread out over many different places, so you're having to manually duplicate the work. Or, you're having to do a lot of repetitive things that you feel could be streamlined.

Your tools don't communicate seamlessly

Your company uses different tools to manage work, but you're having a tough time trying to make them communicate seamlessly.

Your tool has become overwhelming and difficult to use

You haven't had the time to sit down and map out your workflow properly, so the team has just jumped in and started using your work management tool in a sort of haphazard way.

Little to no adoption of your work management tool

You purchased a new tool like Trello or Asana and your team is still using spreadsheets, emails and, bits of paper to manage their work.

Messy workflow

"Everything is spread out over different's so hard to focus on what's important."


Packages to help your
business drive success

Basic Coaching

Suited for teams that haven't adopted a tool to manage work yet, or are just starting out with tools like Trello or Asana. You'll work with an expert to consult you on the basics on how to setup your workflow in your preferred tool.

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Advanced Coaching

You're already using a work management tool like Trello or Asana and you need help refining your workflow, more advanced best practices, tips and tricks, and potentially some automation or even integration with other tools.

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Custom Packages

You have some specific services in mind that you need, and you know you need to work with a consultant who's an expert in tools like Trello, Asana, and Unito, but the services you need don't seem to be covered in the Basic or Advanced coaching packages.

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Hannah is fantastic to work with. As new users to Trello, our fast-paced organization struggled to adopt uniform rules and structures to ensure efficient and effective use of this powerful tool. Hannah was able to conduct a full review of the multiple workspaces and boards and develop a logical structure and workflow which has greatly improved the productivity of the team. She is a calm force who is able to clearly explain not only the what and the how, but the why. If you have the chance to work with Hannah you are sure to find success and satisfaction.

Rachel Doff, Operation HOPE

Hannah facilitated a Trello and Unito workshop for our team and we left feeling empowered and secure in the knowledge we obtained. Most companies offer cookie-cutter trainings focused on certain topics, but I feel like I received a personalized, custom, succinct training.  She stayed focused on our specific needs and showed us ways to enhance our current processes. She certainly highlighted ways we can integrate further, and piqued my curiosity about other capabilities. But she managed to do it in a way that didn't distract from our needs.

Quinn Bigbie, Palmetto Ventures

As a new user to Trello with the challenge to bring our organization up to speed with what this system could do to help streamline our work, Hannah provided a thorough analysis of our Trello workspace and was able to provide more efficiencies to our work. She does this with not with organizing the work itself, but also with training and being available to ensure understanding for our HOPE team throughout the process. I'm happy to recommend utilizing Hannah for your work.

Evelyn M. Ducoulombier, Operation HOPE

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